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Clovis Oncology Translational Medicine Operations Specialist
RAPT Therapeutics Director Drug Metabolism/Pharmacokinetics
Genentech, Inc. Associate Director/ Director, Drug Discovery Outsourcing
PTC Therapeutics Director, Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK)
Frontier Medicines Principal Scientist Protein Sciences
Frontier Medicines Principal Scientist/Senior Scientist Biochemistry
Frontier Medicines Director/Associate Director Chemical Biology
Frontier Medicines Principal Scientist Chemical Biology
Frontier Medicines Scientist / Senior Scientist, Computational Chemistry
Frontier Medicines Scientist/Senior Scientist, in vivo pharmacology, Disease Biology
Frontier Medicines Senior R&D Scientific Systems and Software Engineer
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Development of Inhalation Therapeutics (a joint symposium by AAPS-BADGE / PBSS / Genentech)

Speakers: Chris Brightling (University of Leicester); Guenther Hochhaus (University of Florida); Ram Mahato (University of Nebraska-Lincoln); Bill Williams (University of Texas at Austin); Winlei Jiang (CDER, FDA)
Date: 2021-07-29
Time: 8:30-17:00 Pacific Time
Registration fee: (USD): Regular: $95; Students & Unemployed: $35
Location: Genentech Campus, South San Francisco
Major Sponsor:
Vendor show vendors registered to date:
Registration deadline:2021-07-29  (it will close sooner if the seating cap is reached)

About the Topic

This lung therapeutic symposium intends to bring advancement and cross-functional collaboration at the interface of discovery and development in the inhalation space.  The symposium will give insight into the underlying biology of lung targets, which may open potential avenues for new biomarkers and respiratory therapeutics.  It will also outline the differences in pharmacokinetic and in-vitro formulation properties to develop a biopharmaceutical classification system for inhalation drugs, along with addressing the function of native lung stem cells for transplantation.  The scope of the symposium will cover a broad range of specific topics, from particles on cell culture to spray drying caveats.  Also highlighted, current regulatory recommendations and guidelines for bioequivalence approaches of orally inhaled drug products.

This symposium would be a great occasion to widen professional contacts, establish new collaborations, and cross-pollinate ideas for advancement.  We would have renowned professors and scientists in the field of inhalation present at this event.  The symposium will cater to scientists and researchers from both industry and academia, including numerous companies in the Bay Area.

Having stated the above, we are closely monitoring the advice from the World Health Organization regarding COVID-19 over the next few weeks, and we will make changes to this event if required.  However, at this point, we hope the pandemic wave has subsided by July 30th and are excited to have most of you attend this engaging.  If you have any questions, then we would be happy to help.



Presentation Topic

Chris Brightling

NIHR Senior Investigator and Clinical Professor in Respiratory Medicine, University of Leicester

Biology of Lung Target

Guenther Hochhaus

Professor, University of Florida

Pulmonary PK

Ram Mahato

Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Particles on cell culture

Bill Williams

Professor, University of Texas at Austin

Thin Film Freezing

Winlei Jiang


Bioequivalence Requirements


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