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[Free Online] Highlights of 2023 FDA Drug Approvals

Speakers: Xingyu Jiang, PhD (Genentech) & Lionel Cheruzel, PhD (Genentech)
Organizers: Elizabeth Kelley, PhD (Genentech)
Date: 2024-05-13
Time: 11:30-13:30 Pacific Time
Registration fee: 0
Location: Online via Zoom
Major Sponsor:
Vendor show vendors registered to date:
Registration deadline:2024-05-12  (it will close sooner if the seating cap is reached)

About the Topic

In this presentation, the speakers will summarize the 2023 cohort of new drugs approved by the FDA.  Statistics on the overall cohort will be discussed, followed by a short summary of key features of approved drugs. The speakers will highlight case studies with interesting discovery or development stories.

The Zoom link will be provided to the registrants 1+ days before the event

About the Speakers

Lionel grew up in Cannes, South of France, before moving to the United States in 1999 to pursue graduate studies. Upon completion of his Ph.D. at the University of Louisville, KY, he joined as a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Prof. Harry B. Gray at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, CA. In Fall 2009, he started his independent academic career in the Department of Chemistry at San Jose State University, CA. His research interests centered around the use of visible light to activate engineered P450 enzymes and perform selective substrate oxyfunctionalization. Since 2022, he is leading the Discovery BioTransformation Group at Genentech.

Xingyu was born in Hunan, China. After finishing college in organic chemistry at Peking University, Beijing in 2014, he moved to the Bay Area where he studied transition-metal catalysis under the supervision of Prof. John Hartwig at UC Berkeley. Upon graduation, he started his career as a medicinal chemist at AbbVie in 2019 in Sunnyvale/South San Francisco. In 2023, Xingyu joined Genentech and currently he is a Principal Scientist in Discovery Chemistry.

2024-06-20, Alzheimer's Disease: Untangling What We Thought We Knew and Future Precision Diagnostics and Therapeutics
2024-07-24, [Free Online] The Science and Stories of Promising Biotech Startups: Symposium No.6
2024-08-14, [Free Online] Advances in Cancer Therapeutics
2024-08-22, [Free Online] Diabetes and Obesity Treatments: Current and Emerging Landscapes of GLP-1, GIP, and Beyond
2024-09-10, [In-Person] Translational PK/PD and Human Dose Projections for Antibodies and Novel Therapeutic Modalities: Antibodies, ADCs, Covalent Inhibitors, Ocular and Neuro delivery, Vaccines, Bispecifics, Cell and Gene Therapies
2024-09-20, [In-Person] Nonclinical Safety Assessments of Biologics and Other Novel Modalities for IND/NDA/BLA Filings
2024-09-25, [Free Online] Development of Protein Degraders: Computational Modeling, Medicinal Chemistry and Early Development
2024-10-10, [In-Person] Regulatory Global Submission: Strategies and Best Practices for FDA, EMA and PMDA
2024-10-25, [Free Online Workshop] Unleashing the Power of Real-World Evidence / Data (RWE/RWD) to Facilitate Drug Discovery, Development, and Beyond
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