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Bioduro-Sundia Associate Director/Director in Laboratory Animal and Exploratory Toxicology
Variant Bio (Senior) Scientist - DMPK
Alturas Analytics Scientist 1
Eli Lilly and Company R-39973 Scientific Director ADME - Novel Modalities (Open)
FibroGen Director DMPK
Applied BioMath Technical Marketing Specialist
Horizon Therapeutics Director, Bioanalytical Sciences
Exelixis Principal Scientist - DMPK
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[In-Person] Therapeutic Antibody Discovery and Development: Hit Generation, Engineering, Characterization, CMC and IND Enabling studies

Speakers: Joshua Park (Loxo at Lilly), Srinivasa Bandi (Nutcracker Therapeutics), Alex Yang (Vir Biotechnology), Wendy Chen (Amgen), Lilia Koriazova (Erasca), Chris Frantz (Seagen), Yue Liu (Ab Studio)
Organizers: Wenfeng Xu, PhD (Chantibody) and Joshua Park, PhD (Loxo at Lilly)
Date: 2024-02-06
Time: 8:40-17:00 Pacific Time
Registration fee: Regular attendees: $295; Academic/Students/Postdocs: $95; Out-of-Pocket: $45; Major Sponsorship: $3000; Vendor Show: $695, Happy Hour Sponsorship: $975; Lunch Sponsorship: $1250; On-site Registration: $500
Location: Crowne Plaza, Foster City, CA (San Francisco Bay Area)
Major Sponsor: (2)Abzena; WuXi Biologics
Vendor show vendors registered to date: (18)Altruist Biologics; Alturas Analytics; Aton Biotech; ATUM; BioTether Sciences; Correlia Biosystems Inc; Curia; Ellegaard BioResearch; Emery Pharma; IDEXX BioAnalytics; ITR Laboratories; JOINN Biologics Us Inc.; Meadowhawk Biolabs; Mycenax; OmniAb; Pace Life Sciences; Protein Metrics; Waters
Registration deadline:2024-02-03  (it will close sooner if the seating cap is reached)

About the Topic

Sponsored by Abzena, WuXi Biologics, Mycenax, Alturas Analytics

Time (PST)  Topic Presenter
8:45-9:00 am  PBSS Welcome and Introduction  Shichang Miao, PBSS 
9:00-9:30 am  Overview of Therapeutic Antibodies Joshua Park, PhD, Executive Director, Antibody Discovery, Loxo Oncology at Lilly
9:30-10:30 am  Antibody Discovery  Joshua Park, PhD, Executive Director, Antibody Discovery, Loxo Oncology at Lilly
10:30-10:40 am Major Sponsor Presentation Abzena
10:40-11:00 am  Break and Vendor Show  -
11:00am-12:00 pm Antibody Engineering Srinivasa Bandi, Associate Director, Nutcracker Therapeutics
12:00-12:50 pm  Lunch  Sponsored by Mycenax
12:50-1:50 pm  In Vitro Assays and Characterization for Antibody Discovery and Development  Alex Yang, PhD, Senior Scientist, Vir Biotechnology
1:50-2:50 pm  In Vivo Models for Antibody Discovery and Clinical Efficacy Wendy Chen, PhD, Scientist, Amgen
2:50-3:00 pm  Major Sponsor Presentation WuXi Biologics
3:00-3:20 pm  Break and Vendor Show 
3:20-4:05 pm  Cell Line Development and CMC  Lilia Koriazova, PhD, Sr. Director, Biologics Pharmaceutical Sciences, Erasca
4:05-4:35 pm  IND Enabling Tox Studies Chris Frantz, PhD, Director, Toxicology, Seagen 
4:35-5:10 pm  AI for Antibody Discovery Yue Liu, PhD, Founder and CEO, Ab Studio Inc.
5:10-5:40 pm  Panel Discussion All speakers
5:40-6:40 pm Happy Hour Sponsored by Alturas Analytics

2024-04-26, [In-Person] Oncology Clinical Dose Optimization in Light of FDA Project Optimus
2024-05-06, [In-Person] Human Mass Balance and Metabolite Profiling Studies: Strategies, Technical Approaches, Regulatory Guidance, Applications and Case Studies
2024-05-13, [Free Online] Highlights of 2023 FDA Drug Approvals
2024-05-21, [In-Person] Nonclinical Safety Studies for IND and NDA Filing for Small Molecules: Nuts, Bolts and Best Practices
2024-05-30, [Free Online Workshop] Career Transition for Research Scientists: Career Overview, Project Management and Regulatory Affairs (jointly with BioPharmaPM and RAPS-SF)
2024-06-13, [In-Person] CMC Strategies and Activities for IND and NDA Filing for Small Molecules: Nuts, Bolts and Best Practices
2024-06-20, Alzheimer's Disease: untangling what we thought we knew and future Precision Medicine Diagnostics and Therapeutics
2024-07-24, [Free Online] The Science and Stories of Promising Biotech Startups: Symposium No.6
2024-09-10, [In-Person] Rethinking Translational PK/PD and Human Dose Projections for Novel Therapeutic Modalities: Covalent Inhibitors, PROTACs, Molecular Glues, ADCs, Ocular and Neuro delivery, Vaccines, Bispecifics, Cell and Gene Therapies
2024-09-20, [In-Person] Non-clinical safety assessments of biologics and novel modalities for IND/NDA Filing: Nuts, Bolts and Best Practices
2024-10-10, [In-Person] Regulatory Global Submission: Strategies and Best Practices for FDA, EMA and PMDA
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