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PTC Therapeutics Scientist I - Translational Omics
Applied BioMath Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Modeler - Project Lead/Group Lead
Sorrento Therapetuics Scientist/Sr. Scientist -- protein/gene characterization, LC-MS
Applied BioMath Senior Scientist - Pharmacometrics
Applied BioMath Senior Scientist - Mathematical Modeler
Evotec Senior Scientist
UC Davis - California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory TOXICOLOGY SECTION: LAB RESEARCH SUPERVISOR 2/GROUP LEADER (LAB RSCH SUPV 2)
Catalent Pharma Solutions Scientist - Molecular Biology / Protein Expression
Catalent Pharma Solutions Associate Scientist - Molecular Biology / Protein Expression
Protagonist Therapeutics CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGIST
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Associate Scientist



The Discovery Proteomics group at Genentech, a client group of Evotec, is seeking a Associate Scientist with experience in biochemistry, cell biology and/or mass spectrometry proteomics to join the group.  This individual will serve as a technical lead and be responsible for carrying out experimental research aimed at understanding the role of proteins and post-translational modifications in human disease. An important focus of the lab is to study how membrane protein interactomes and their downstream signaling modulate cellular function, utilizing established cultures, primary cell lines as well as complex cellular models. Advances in proteomics, especially mass spectrometry, have revolutionized the study of cellular proteins and motivated in depth molecular characterization of normal human physiology and disease biology.  The Discovery Proteomics group develops and implements protein analytical methods to differentiate between dynamic biological states by characterizing the abundance, dynamics and interactions of proteins. The researcher will also have the opportunity to utilize and further implement state-of-the-art technologies for the discovery and characterization of receptor-ligand interactions. As is true across Genentech, research in the group is fast paced and highly collaborative, drawing on the expertise of some of the world's leading experts in biochemistry, cell biology and disease indications.

Evotec is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, gender, age, disability, genetic information, gender expression, gender identity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran status.


This position requires an MS plus at least 3 years of relevant analytical sciences work or academic research experience or PhD in Chemistry, Biochemistry, or related field with experience in analytical sciences. The ideal candidate should have experience in protein biochemistry and cell biology techniques. Interest and hands-on experience in membrane protein biology and receptor-ligand interactions (biophysics, biochemistry, signaling) are preferred. Past experience with proteomics sample preparation (i.e. proteolytic digestion, solid phase extraction, immunoprecipitation) and operation of an Orbitrap mass spectrometer are preferred, but not essential for success in this role. Computational skills and ‘big data’ experience are highly desirable, including working knowledge of python, R or related tools. Strong communication & interpersonal skills are essential for success in this collaborative role.

Location: South San Francisco


Post Date: 2/5/2021 6:49:13 AM
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