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PTC Therapeutics Scientist I - Translational Omics
Applied BioMath Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Modeler - Project Lead/Group Lead
Sorrento Therapetuics Scientist/Sr. Scientist -- protein/gene characterization, LC-MS
Applied BioMath Senior Scientist - Pharmacometrics
Applied BioMath Senior Scientist - Mathematical Modeler
Evotec Senior Scientist
UC Davis - California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory TOXICOLOGY SECTION: LAB RESEARCH SUPERVISOR 2/GROUP LEADER (LAB RSCH SUPV 2)
Catalent Pharma Solutions Scientist - Molecular Biology / Protein Expression
Catalent Pharma Solutions Associate Scientist - Molecular Biology / Protein Expression
Protagonist Therapeutics CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGIST
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Under the general direction of the Laboratory Research Supervisor 1, responsible for the performance of organic analysis for the determination of xenobiotic residues in biological specimens. Responsible for participating in the update & development of analytical procedures, quality control procedures, & Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Responsible for interacting with external clients to accept "B" samples for analysis.


Applied By Date: 02/24/2021


Advanced degree or equivalent background and experience in a high-throughput diagnostic analytical chemistry, especially organic residue analysis using HPLC, MS, LC and GC instrumentation.

Skills to perform techniques and procedures for analysis of biological specimens, mathematical calculations and statistical analysis

Knowledge of analytical chemistry and skills to critically read, interpret, evaluate and apply analytical procedures described in the literature.

Knowledge of developing novel approaches or modifying described/published analytical procedures to expand testing capabilities of the EACL laboratory.

Knowledge of sample preparation techniques such as solid phase and liquid-liquid sample extraction, sample spiking and matrix matching as well as skills to prepare analytical reagents, solutions, controls and standards.

Skills operating a wide range of manual and computer-controlled analytical equipment including Gas Chromatograph, Liquid Chromatograph and Mass Spectrometers, and the ability to maintain and troubleshoot equipment and obtain maximum performance from instruments.

Knowledge of QA/QC to continuously produce high quality data.   


Advanced knowledge & skill to operate high performance analytical equipment including the Thermo Orbitrap (Q-Exactive), Thermo triple quadrupole mass spectrometers (Quantum Ultra, Vantage, Quantiva, Altis), & linear ion-trap mass spectrometers.

Ability to become familiar with and apply good laboratory practices as well as safety procedures and other policies and procedures outlined by CAHFS, the EACL Laboratory and the University, and follow safe working practices.

Familiarity with literature sources of analytical procedures.-Ability to perform appropriate and cost-effective ordering and use of laboratory and/or offices supplies and equipment.  


Background Check

This position is a critical position and subject to a background check. Employment is contingent upon successful completion of background investigation including criminal history and identity checks.


Contact:; browse jobs; under key words enter 15366

Post Date: 2/10/2021 12:00:00 AM
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